Nature strikes no matter where you are. So when nature gives you a 5-minute warning that your body is going to relieve itself, you need a bathroom nearby. Holding it in is not a good idea.

A porta-potty rental is an ideal solution for bringing a bathroom to outdoor venues. It contains the mess to a single place and doesn’t force your guests to drop their drawers in the bushes. But if you’ve never rented a porta-potty, you might have some questions about the process.

Getting that fancy porta-potty rental is easier than you might think. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about porta-potty-rentals.

1. Porta-Potty Rental Prices

The first question on your mind is cost. How much will you have to pay for your rental?

The cost of a porta-potty will depend on a few things:

  • The length of the event (a single day or several)
  • What type of porta-potty that you want (such as a luxury porta-potty rental)
  • How often do you want to clean it
  • How far away your event is located

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to give a clear-cut price. Each situation is different. Request a quote to determine what your specific case will entail.

2. Is a Porta-Potty Rental Clean?

We’ve all been there: we enter a porta-potty, only to discover that it smells like the sewers. You might prefer to wait for a clean bathroom rather than risk touching the seat.

The problem is that many companies don’t empty their porta-potties enough. They don’t disinfect the inside. Nor do they supply it with new TP. 

The solution is to work with companies that actually take care of their porta-potty rentals. They’ll make sure it’s not a stinky mess that guests have to suffer through.

3. Which Porta-Potty Is Ideal?

There are a lot of porta-potties to choose from. You can get porta-potties for construction, for handicapped guests, or a fancy porta-potty rental.

The potties you get will depend on your guests’ needs and the type of event.

4. How Many Porta-Potties Should You Rent?

The rule of thumb for porta-potties is this: for every 5 hours and every 50 people; you need one porta-potty. Say you have 200 guests, and the event is 10 hours. That means you should plan for about 8 porta-potties.

Ideally, you should have more porta-potties than you actually need. This provides a buffer in the event there’s a bathroom rush. You don’t want your guests waiting around too long to use the john!

Finding a Porta-Potty Rental Near Me

A porta-potty rental is the staple of any outdoor event. If you’re planning on porta-potty rentals, then keep the above in mind. Make sure you have enough potties, that they’re clean, and that you choose the right types.

Still have questions? Fusion Site Services is here to help. Get in contact, and they’ll gladly help you figure out what porta-potty rentals are best for you.