The average person relieves their bladder 6-7 times in a 24 hour period.

Any outdoor event should take that into account to plan how many portable toilets they need. And an upscale event should take into account how portable toilets reflect on the aesthetic of the event.

For events that need something posher than a row of portable toilets, a luxury restroom trailer is a good choice. These amenities are suitable for special events, festivals, and film productions. To hear about all of that and more, read this quick guide to luxury restroom trailers.

What Is a Luxury Restroom Trailer?

Portable toilets are also known as port-o-potties or port-o-johns.  They’re one person per unit, completely self-contained, portable toilets. These are no-frills units with non-flushing toilets, a toilet seat, and toilet paper.

For larger events or events that require an aesthetic appeal, a portable toilet doesn’t quite cut it. A luxury restroom trailer is a large trailer with numerous toilets inside. They also have running water, lighting, and the look and feel of a traditional bathroom.

Features of a Luxury Restroom Trailer

There are many variations of luxury restroom trailers but below are some of the most common features:

  • Climate control like heating and air conditioning.
  • Running water for sinks and flushing toilets.
  • Recessed lighting for enhanced illumination and safety.
  • Mirrors to make the trailer more useful for grooming.
  • Laminate flooring that gives a permanent feel and a luxury finish.
  • Countertops that make grooming more convenient.

Luxury restroom trailers have all the basics of a portable toilet plus a whole lot of luxury amenities to make the space look and feel more upscale.

Benefits of a Luxury Restroom Trailer

A luxury restroom trailer brings a high-end bathroom to any outdoor event. Some have adjustable interior options that allow you to match the bathroom to the theme.

If you’re having a large event, the multiple units inside a luxury restroom trailer help avoid overcrowding and provides traffic control. Some companies will partner with tent companies to make the walk from event to bathroom seamless.  

A luxury restroom trailer provides a clean and comfortable space for guests to use the facilities, groom their hair, and reapply their makeup. There’s plenty of counterspace, running water for flushing toilets and sinks, and paper towels and scented soaps. 

When to Choose a Luxury Restroom Trailer

Luxury restroom trailers are well suited to special events like charity events or outdoor weddings. These events typically have over 100 guests in attendance, involve alcoholic beverages which increases the need for the bathroom, and they require space for attendees to freshen up. 

Music and other types of festivals are another situation that calls for a luxury restroom trailer. They make perfect bathroom options for VIP areas or backstage. If you’re filming a movie or television production, luxury restroom trailers can be used for crew and talent. 

Handicap bathrooms require meeting special guidelines. If you’re having an event that requires mobility bathrooms, a luxury restroom trailer can be equipped for those needs.

Rent a Luxury Restroom Trailer for Your Next Event

A luxury restroom trailer is the perfect option for special events, festivals, and film and tv production crews. They provide a space more akin to a traditional bathroom, with climate control, electricity, running water, and other features that make it more comfrotable. 

If you’re considering renting a luxury restroom trailer for your next event, get a quote from us first.