The toilet was invented by an Englishman named Alexander Cumming in 1775. The portable toilet was not invented until the 1940s. 

These days, portable toilets are a necessity for any outdoor event, be it a fair, a concert, or even a carnival. Having a large number of people in any space ensures that at least one of them will need to use the restroom at some point.

If you’re hosting an event shortly, you’ll need to plan for portable bathroom rental. As with everything, though, there’s a right way to handle portable bathroom rental and a wrong way. 

We’ll offer some advice in this article. Keep reading.

DO Make Them Accessible and Convenient

Outdoor event toilets won’t do you any good if you don’t know how many to get or where to put them. They’ll need to be in a spot where they’re clearly visible and easy to get to.

The size of the venue is going to play a role in this. A concert or sporting event, for instance, takes place in a somewhat enclosed space.

People aren’t expected to move around much, so there’s no reason to spread out the bathrooms. Having a small row of a few portable toilets on either side of the grounds should be enough.

For more spaced-out events, like a carnival, you’ll need to spread out your bathrooms.

DON’T Try to Guess How Many Portable Bathrooms You’ll Need

How many bathrooms you need can be figured out with a formula.

As a general rule, you’ll need 1 bathroom for every 75 people. You’ll need to add another bathroom for every four hours the event lasts. Add more if you’re serving food, and especially if you’re serving alcohol.

Other sources advise three toilets for every 100 people, especially if you expect more women to attend than men, and are serving alcohol.

DON’T Forget Security

Portable bathrooms are rental units, and like all other rental units, any damage they sustain is on you. Costs of a portable bathroom rental will only go up if the unit is damaged.

One of the biggest issues to watch for with portable toilets is vandalism. For some reason, public bathrooms are popular graffiti spots, and it’s been this way for ages. Portable toilets are no exception. 

Graffiti isn’t the only issue, either. How many movies have you seen where someone thinks it’s funny to tip over a portable toilet? Make sure you have employees near them at all times.

Tips on Portable Bathroom Rental

If you’re hosting an event that requires portable bathroom rental, there are a few things that you’ll need to know.

We’ve mentioned a few of them in the paragraphs above, but the best advice is just to be careful. Think about the situation clearly rather than jumping to conclusions. This will keep your guests, and your wallet, safer and more comfortable.

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