Providing adequate porta potty rental options for your construction workers isn’t optional. It’s a legal requirement. The United States Department of Labor requires adequate porta john rental numbers on-site.

Scheduling your portable bathroom rental or portable toilet rental doesn’t have to be a hassle. In this article, we’ll give an overview of what you need to know to rent a porta potty for your construction project.

Porta John Rental: How Many Do I Need?

Having the right number of construction site restrooms on-site allows your project to meet government requirements. The number of porta potties that you will need to rent depends on the total number of workers you have.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), you will need one porta potty for 20 or fewer workers.

Beyond that, you will need portable bathrooms for every 40 workers. A project with 78 workers will need two portable restrooms, for example.

If you have more than 200 workers, that number becomes one portable restroom for every 50 workers.

Porta Potty Rental: Other Factors to Consider

Once your porta potties arrive, make sure that they are placed on dry land at the construction site. Choose a location that is accessible for maintenance trucks. Those vehicles will occasionally service the portable restroom.

If you have two rentable restrooms, considering spacing them out for easy access. Try to avoid placing porta potties near eating and socializing areas. Also, avoid placing the porta potties where they may block vehicle traffic.

If you are considering how many porta potties or portable restrooms that you need for a large social event, remember that every gram of alcohol consumed will make people pee an extra 10ml, according to the NIH. The length of your event may determine whether you require additional porta potties.

How to Choose the Right Portable Bathroom Rental or Portable Toilet Rental

Now that you know how many portable restrooms you’ll need, consider several factors when choosing a rental company. Common questions you should ask include:

  • Does the rental company have experience servicing construction sites?
  • Are the united well-ventilated?
  • Is the company known for excellent customer service?
  • Can you expect quick pricing and delivery?
  • Can you expect clean porta potties to be delivered?
  • What types of events does the company cater to besides construction?
  • How satisfied are their past clients?

You can typically find this information on a porta potty rental company’s website. If the website doesn’t answer all of your questions, give them a call. 

Rent a Porta Potty Today

Any construction project requires the right equipment, workers, and a quality porta john rental or porta potty rental. Choosing the right portable toilet rental company can ensure that your project conforms to government requirements. 

FusionSite believes that our clients should always be growing. Our company’s reputation is built on solid customer service and exceptional restroom units. To rent a porta potty or to ask us about portable bathroom rental, please call us today.