Every day, the average person urinates between four and seven times and has one to three bowel movements. Throw in higher-than-usual amounts of food or drink, and those numbers go up.  

If you’re hosting an event, these numbers translate into one critical reality. You need porta potty service. 

Before you Google “porta potty rental near me,” however, it’s important to know what questions to ask when contracting for service. Here are the top five most important questions to get you started. 

1. What Is Included?

The first question to ask any porta potty rental provider is what they include in the rental.

Do they provide hand sanitizing options? If so, what? Do rentals come with hand washing stations, sanitizer dispensers, or nothing at all? 

Does the rental company provide toilet paper, or are you responsible for providing that yourself? If they do provide toilet paper, is it a single roll per unit or are there backups? 

Never make assumptions about what is included or provided with the units you are ordering. Doing so can leave you scrambling at the last minute and add huge unexpected costs to your budget. 

2. How Will Cleaning and Emptying Work?

An overflowing porta potty isn’t a pretty thing. Neither is a filthy and untended one. But porta potties can’t clean or stock themselves. 

Some rental companies provide wipe-down and restock services when they empty porta potty units. But even that may not be enough to keep units clean and welcoming for your guests throughout your event. 

Make sure you clearly understand:

  • When and how often units will be emptied
  • What cleaning services, if any, are provided when units are emptied
  • What cleaning tasks you will be responsible for during and after the event

3. What Are Your Hours?

Rental company hours matter for several reasons. First, guests don’t want to see, hear, or smell the units serving them being emptied. As much as possible, you want to ensure that units can be serviced outside your event hours. 

Second, unit delivery and pick up can impact:

  • How long you need to rent, maintain, or patrol your event site
  • When other portions of even grounds can be set up
  • How many event personnel or attendants you will need to schedule and when 
  • Other aspects of event timing, flow, and appearances

Finally, make sure that someone will be available to assist you during off-hours should there be an emergency. 

4. What Upgrades Are Available?

Today, porta potty rentals come with a wide range of upgrades. You can rent units that come with:

These small touches can take your event from average to outstanding. Don’t miss out on that opportunity because you didn’t know what was available to you.

5. How Many Porta Potty Units Do You Recommend?

Even the most experienced event planners can benefit from second opinions and specialized knowledge. When you contact a company with porta potties for sale or rent, let them know what kind of event you’re planning and ask them for their recommendations based on your event size and style. They might be able to offer you unique insights or suggestions that can help you make the best choices for your event. 

Plan Your Event With Confidence

Porta potties aren’t the most glamorous part of event planning, but they can make or break a gathering. If you’re planning an event, let our experts help you find the right solutions for your needs today.