Did you know that holding in your waste for too long can be deadly? The pressure can compress organs so much that your heart stops!

So when you gotta go, you gotta go. The only thing worse than having no toilet at an event is having a portable toilet that’s bursting at the seams. 

How can event planners be sure that porta-potties won’t overflow? 

Avoid a portable toilet rental catastrophe with porta-potty holding tanks. Keep reading to learn about these vital tanks.

What Are Portable Toilet Rental Holding Tanks? 

Most porta-potties only hold about 40-50 gallons of waste. Waste can build up quickly if the porta-potty is servicing large crowds. Porta-Potty holding tanks are large plastic containers used to hold waste and prolong the time between portable toilet cleanings. 

The size of holding tanks varies greatly, with most tanks holding anywhere between five and 300 gallons of waste. The large capacity means that a holding tank can increase the usage abilities of a porta-potty up to six times!

Using porta-potty holding tanks keeps the toilets from overflowing and becoming odorous. Holding tanks are airtight and easier to transport and empty than porta-potties. 

When to Use a Holding Tank

Holding tanks are good to have in place for any large crowds or long events. Examples of large crowds could include festivals, carnivals, concerts, and long camping trips. Multi-day projects like construction work are also a good candidate for holding tanks to prolong the time between pumps. 

Generally, each porta-potty can service a group of 50 for up to four hours. A group of 1,000 may even be able to fill five portable toilets in an hour. With rates like this, it’s easy to see how large crowds might need a holding tank, especially for long or multi-day events. 

Holding tanks are also a good idea if your event is taking place in a very rural area. Calling the portable toilet rental service to come out and clean an overflowing porta-potty is a near disaster. When you’re off the beaten path, it can take hours for sanitization crews to reach you, and people will need to use facilities in the meantime.  

Portable Toilet Rental Tips

When choosing portable toilets, there are a lot of factors to consider. The crowd size of your event is probably the most important factor. You will also want to consider the aesthetic qualities of your portable toilet facilities. 

Luxury portable toilet trailers are one option for restrooms with a large waste capacity. Other porta-potties, like standard and deluxe models, can certainly benefit from the use of a holding tank.

Think Tank

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to portable toilet rental storage capacity. Having extra waste storage will give you and your guests a cleaner, more comfortable experience. 

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