Unfortunately, you can’t just install a portable toilet at your construction site or outdoor event and leave it there. It will need maintenance to ensure that it’s clean and that the septic tank that stores the human waste isn’t overflowing. This is important because human waste can be dangerous. In fact, diseases like E.coli, which are spread by excrement, kill 100 people a year in the United States and cause 265,000 illnesses. That’s why porta potties need to be emptied regularly. If you’re using portable toilet rental for an event, read on for guide on how often you need to empty it. 

The Bare Minimum 

To keep your toilet clean and to stop it from overflowing, one of the best portable toilet rental tips is to empty it at least once a week if no more than ten people use it. This is the longest you should wait before emptying it, as anything longer than this can be risky as waste builds up. 

If you have more than ten people using a single portable toilet, you should empty it more often, as there’s a higher volume of waste going into the toilet. If you have an event where there are 20 people per toilet, then you need to make sure it’s emptied every three and half days at a minimum. 

Best Practices 

There’s no minimum time you have to wait between emptying a portable toilet, and the more often you do it, the clearer and nicer it will be. With that said, emptying portable toilets is hard work and can be risky, as there’s always a chance of making an accidental mess. 

You’ll always need to consider the ratio of people to a single toilet to work out the best rate of emptying, but as a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to empty it every day. 

If you’re using portable toilets for an event, another great thing that you can do is to have a routine cleaning and maintenance schedule. By having staff on hand cleaning and checking the toilets, you’ll be able to know which ones are getting more use and thus need to be emptied more regularly. 

By wiping down major contact areas, using a deodorizing liquid, and emptying waste regularly, you’ll have a great, well-maintained portable toilet that lasts a long time. This is important if you want to keep the portable toilet rental cost down, as you won’t have to waste money replacing it regularly. 

How to Empty a Portable Toilet Rental 

Now that you know how often you should empty a portable toilet, you must understand how. 

The main way is using a toilet vacuum that attaches to the output hole and sucks up all the waste. You can do this yourself or hire a sanitation company to manage this rather disgusting process on your behalf. 

Once you remove the waste, it must be dumped at an authorized facility. A sanitation company will know where to go, which can help eliminate another potential concern. 

To learn more about porta potty maintenance, including how to remove waste, you can contact us for more information. 

Get the Best Portable Toilets

By emptying your portable toilets regularly, you’ll play a big part in ensuring that you have the best toilets for your event. 

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