Toilet humor has always been a big part of our society; it dates back to 1,900 BCE!

It’s all fun and games until someone makes a faux pas. For instance, if you’re at an event, it’s easy to offend someone by not following porta potty etiquette.

And yes, there’s such a thing, even if doesn’t seem like it when you peek into one of these stalls.

Here are some basics on portable toilet etiquette so you and everyone else have the best time possible.

Never Cut in Line

Your bladder may be bursting, but you should never just dart into the next open porta potty you see! This is asking for a bad time.

Instead, get in line and strike up a conversation with other people waiting. Explain that you really need to go, and some might be kind enough to let you go in front of them.

Be as Quick as You Can

Chances are, there’s a long line for the stalls, and some people might have bladders ready to burst. So do them a favor and get in and out of the porta potty in a flash.

Some porta potties have mirrors in them, so feel free to check your makeup and/or teeth before you exit. But don’t spend an eternity putting on a fresh face of makeup, texting your friends, etc. Otherwise, you’ll get some death glares on your way out.

Clean Up After Yourself

Now, we’re not saying that toilet cleaning is your job. However, you should ensure it’s as clean as can be for the next person.

We understand it’s tough to aim if you’re doing the toilet hover (it’s best if you don’t though). Just make sure to get extra squares of toilet paper to clean up your mess. And make sure to throw all trash where it belongs.

Don’t Write or Draw on the Walls

It can be fun to leave your mark on a festival porta potty. But this is defacing someone’s property! Not only that, but what you write or draw can be offensive to future porta potty users.

Be an adult and refrain from adding your own art to the walls, even if there’s already a ton. You’ll be doing the mature and right thing.

Hold the Door for the Next Person

Porta potty doors usually have vigorous springs on them, so as soon as you let go, they slam shut. This can be jarring and even seen as rude.

When you’re exiting, remember to hold the door open for the next person. Give them a smile too to brighten their day!

Follow These Portable Toilet Rules for a Better Time

It might come as a shock, but there are some rules when it comes to using a portable toilet. So long as you keep these basic ones in mind, then you’ll create a better atmosphere for everyone involved.

And if it seems like someone is clueless about porta potty rules, feel free to share this article with them. 

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