If you’re considering portable bathroom rental for an event you’re hosting, be it a music festival or sporting affair, you must be aware of how long portable toilets can last. 

Many events have to close portable bathrooms before the event is over because the organizers weren’t aware of how long a toilet can last or how to look after it to make it last.

Of course, the lifespan of a porta potty will depend on how often it’s used. With that said, here’s some information and portable bathroom tips to help you prolong the lifespan of your portable toilet. 

Portable Toilets Are Sturdy

Portable toilets are sturdy and tough to break. They’re typically made from very strong plastic materials, which allows the bathrooms to withstand all types of weather conditions and aggressive use. 

When portable toilets go out of order, it’s unlikely to be due to a structural issue, as the interior and exterior of portable toilets are hard to break and damage. 

If well looked after and cleaned properly, portable toilets can be used time and time again, thanks to being made out of this sturdy material. In fact, many of these can last up to 30 years. 

Damages to Expect

Despite being made of durable materials, damage can impact a portable toilet’s lifespan. 

If kept outside for long periods, weather wear can happen to it, as the sunlight can cause the plastic to discolor and fade, and things like hail or debris can cause dents. 

This damage is only cosmetic, though, and the portable toilet should still be fully functional. 

When hiring a portable toilet for public use, such as at a music festival, you should expect other forms of manmade damage too. Vandalism and graffiti are bound to happen, making portable toilets unsightly, and misuse can cause blockages, broken taps, and broken flush levers. 

The way a portable toilet is treated will impact its lifecycle. If well looked after and properly cleaned regularly, then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t last the entirety of your event and be good to use for future use too. 

Prolong Your Portable Bathroom Rental With Good Maintenance

By creating a regular cleaning schedule for your portable bathroom, you should be able to make it last longer. For each portable toilet your event has, try to get it cleaned once every couple of hours. 

This can help keep it looking fresh, and it can make it safer, as it’s likely to be contaminated with bacteria. 

Having a clean porta potty can also discourage vandalism and misuse. If a portable toilet is smelly, smeared with mess, and looks unappealing, people will be more inclined to mistreat it. If it looks and smells nice, users will treat it with more respect, helping you to keep it clean. 

Hiring a Portable Bathroom 

Portable bathrooms can be a great investment and can last a long time if well looked after. There’s no reason why a single portable bathroom can’t last at least ten years when properly maintained. 

If you’re interested in portable bathroom rental, look at our services to choose the right porta potty for your needs.