The big thing to remember when planning a special event is that you want it to be “special.” You don’t want your guests to have a negative experience due to some sort of catastrophe with the restrooms. Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding or wedding reception, a family reunion, or some other type of special event, FusionSite has porta potty rentals for parties that can help you have a spectacular event. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are planning for a special day.

Porta Potty Location Matters

Providing wedding porta potty rentals for your guests is important — but you don’t want the porta potties situated right next to the wedding stage or reception, right? Most people appreciate a little bit of privacy when they’re using a porta potty, so put some thought into where you want to situate your portable bathrooms.

When most people imagine their wedding day or another special event, they don’t envision having porta potties visible in the venue. Even luxury portable toilets can stick out like a sore thumb if they don’t match your wedding colors. When planning your event, you will want to situate the restrooms in a more secluded part of the venue where they are still accessible. It’s a much better option to put up a “Restrooms” sign with an arrow on it to direct your guests to the porta potties than to place the porta potties right there with your guests!

Porta Potty Type Matters

If your special event is a laid-back occurrence, such as a family reunion where everyone knows each other, you can probably get away with a standard rental porta potty like you would find at any county fair or construction site. But for weddings, graduation parties and other types of events, you will likely want something fancier. Luxury portable restrooms are nicer and can help to improve the experience when your guests need to use a toilet. Our luxury models have more spacious interiors, sinks and other features that you won’t find in a standard rental porta potty.

Spruce Up Your Porta Potty Rentals

There’s no rule that says you can’t jazz up your local porta potty rental with some decorations. Spruce up your portable potty rentals with flowers, ribbons or other decorations on the exterior. Or, set the porta potties up in an open tent area that’s decorated in the same theme as your event. Designate some porta potties as women’s rooms and men’s rooms with creative signs.

Remember that your guests may also be concerned about their appearance. A nice touch is to set up full length mirrors outside of the porta potties, so that they can check their appearance after using the restroom. Other nice features could include a table with tissues, hairspray, mints, hand sanitizer, or anything else that your guests might want to have access to.

Local Porta Potty Rental Near Me

No matter how large or small your special event will be, FusionSite can accommodate your need for luxury portable toilets. Contact us as soon as you know the date of your special event, so you can book the proper number of rental porta potties and have them delivered on time.