Portable toilets are essential and are big business in the United States. In 2021, the market size of porta potty rental was valued at $18.16 billion and is expected to grow. Without portable bathrooms, events like festivals would be far less comfortable for attendees, and things like construction sites are also dependent on them. 

Despite being important in many outdoor situations, that doesn’t stop the fact that porta potties can start to stink after prolonged use and can become rather unpleasant places to do your business. 

Thankfully, there are things you can do to stop a portable toilet from stinking. If you’re hosting an event and require porta potty rental, read on for a few things you can do to reduce the stench. 

Air Out the Toilets

You’ll quickly create a foul-smelling environment by keeping the doors closed of a porta potty when it’s not in use. 

As an event organizer who may need porta potties for festivals, one of the best things you can do is to air out your portal toilets by keeping the doors open when they’re vacant. This gives bad odors the chance to dissipate and can keep the device smelling fresh for longer. 

If you’re expecting a lot of traffic, this step is even more essential, as it can also help your portable toilets last longer. 

Use Deep-Blue Products 

One of the most effective ways of keeping a portable toilet smelling fresh is the continuous use of deep-blue cleaning products. These commercial-grade products can be poured into the waste tank and help eliminate bad smells by removing bacteria and other pathogens. 

These products are also fairly fragrant, helping to mask the unpleasant smells you may expect from these pieces of equipment. 

These products come in multiple forms, but the most common are a blue disinfectant that can be used to clean the toilet tank, dry toss deodorizing packets that can be added throughout the event, and even cleaning fog that can be used to keep the interior clean. 

Keep Porta Potty Rental Units Out of the Sun

Odors smell worse when hot. This is why it’s important to try and position your porta potties tactically so that they’re not in direct sunlight for most of the day. 

There are many reasons why heat makes things smell bad. Having a warm porta potty will increase the smell as bacteria will grow. Try to create areas of shade and position your toilets under these to create the best environment possible. 

Clean Them Regularly

The main reason why porta potties smell is that they’re unclean. One of the main port potty rental tips to minimize foul stenches is to make sure your event has a robust cleaning schedule so that you can eliminate smells and keep your porta potties safe. 

When undergoing porta potty cleaning, be sure to focus on the touchpoints, such as the toilet seat, door handles, and taps. This can help reduce the spread of any bacteria, keeping things clean and safe. 

Hire Portable Toilets 

Porta potty rental is a key aspect of many outdoor events and construction sites. However, they must be properly maintained to ensure they’re clean and free from overwhelmingly bad smells. 

Porta potties are never going to be fragrant places. However, they can be made more comfortable by following the advice in this article. Check out our portable toilet services if you require a porta potty for your event.