Human waste can harbor a lot of nasty diseases. Things like E. Coli, typhoid, cholera, and more can all grow within excrement, making restrooms and portable toilets risky if not cleaned regularly. The risk of spreading these diseases is why portable toilets must be carefully and professionally emptied regularly. However, if you’re looking for a porta john rental, you may not fully know how to remove waste from these toilets. 

Here’s a quick guide on what needs to be done so that your portable toilets are safe and clean. 

Portable Toilet Vacuum 

Most, although not all, portable toilets come with a toilet vacuum. These are essentially used to suck out all the contents and waste found within the septic tank underneath the portable toilet. 

Toilets compatible with this extraction method should have an output hole that can be used to attach the vacuum easily. Once turned on, the vacuum then sucks out the content and stores them in safe and sealable bags. 

These bags are then used to transport the waste without there being much risk of leakage. 

After vacuuming the toilet, make sure that you continue to clean it using cleaning liquid to kill bacteria and to leave it smelling fresh. This type of extraction is best for portable toilets for outdoor events as you don’t need to transport the unit from the site. 

Use a Sanitation Company

Although it’s possible to clean and empty a porta potty yourself if you have the right equipment, it’s far safer and easier to get the help of a professional sanitation company. 

Not only will these services be more efficient at removing the waste, but they’ll also know how to get rid of it and where it should be stored or dumped. 

These services will cost you money, which is something you’ll have to consider, but they are worth it and make what can be a messy and disgusting part of the process easier. 

Do note that if you’re using a portable toilet at a campsite or in the wilderness, a sanitation company may not be able to collect your waste, so think about that before planning your event. 

Where to Put Waste From a Porta John Rental 

You can’t just dump human waste anywhere, as doing so is a crime and can be very harmful to the environment. Instead, if removing waste from a portable toilet yourself, you’ll need to find an approved dumpsite or sewer line where you can flush your waste. 

Using these locations puts the waste from your portable toilet into the sewer. You can do this by opening your output hole and letting it drain into there. This is the safest and cleanest way of removing the waste; however, it could take some time to drain fully. 

If you’ve already vacuumed your porta potty and have your waste in sealable bags, the contents can then be poured away into these dumpsites. 

When removing waste, ensure you have a water source near you to rinse your porta potty and keep it clean. Always follow a cleaning routine once removing waste from a portable toilet to ensure it’s hygienic. 

Managing Portable Toilets 

Portable toilets are important for many events, although they require a lot of cleaning and maintenance to guarantee they perform well. One key aspect of looking after a porta john rental is to empty it regularly. 

Now that you know what’s involved in the waste removal process, you can more confidently browse our products to find a solution for your event.