Engaged couples spend 13 to 18 months planning for their big day. But with so much preparation, have you overlooked one very important detail?

Getting married outside and having a rustic wedding is beautiful, but make sure your guests have a bathroom. If your wedding venue has limited utilities, consider portable bathrooms for your wedding day.

Why should you rent a wedding porta-potty? Let’s review.

Why Rent Portable Bathrooms for Your Wedding

To pull off the perfect wedding, you need to be prepared.

Rentable luxury bathrooms are necessary for long outdoor weddings, especially if there’s alcohol available. Don’t worry about a portable bathroom messing up your rustic ceremony. Brides can get creative and decorate the potties to ensure they match the wedding theme.

1. Rent a Bathroom If You’re Serving Alcohol

If there is booze at your wedding, then you need plenty of bathrooms.

Alcohol is diuretic. Spirits inhibit the body’s release of a hormone called vasopressin. The suppression makes your kidneys release extra water. That’s why when we drink, we need to use the bathroom frequently.

Consider your guests’ comfort during your wedding. If you want them to enjoy the open bar, have a wedding porta-potty available.

If you’re expecting a lot of drinking, rent a couple of portable bathrooms. A little bit of alcohol and a long bathroom line do not mix.

2. Rent a Bathroom so the Party Doesn’t End

You’ve spent months planning out the perfect decor, hiring the perfect DJ, and setting the stage for an all-night party. But the longer your wedding goes on, the more important it is to have plenty of portable bathroom trailers for you and your guests to use throughout the night.

3. Customize Your Bathroom to Add Extra Decor

Many brides and grooms don’t like the idea of a portable potty at their wedding because they think it will bring down the ambiance. But these days, everything can be customized.

A porta-potty rental for a wedding is clean, comfortable, and spacious. Brides can enhance bathroom trailers with decorative elements. Spruce up the potty with floral arrangements, funny signs, and decor that matches your wedding theme.

Sometimes, the porta-potties look so nice guests don’t realize what they are (until they need to use them).

Tip: Rent the Right Number of Bathrooms

As your wedding approaches, use your guest list to determine the optimal number of bathrooms to have at your event.

If the venue doesn’t provide bathrooms, you should rent one to two stalls per 100 guests. However, past-brides recommend having a minimum of two stalls available in case one breaks down. When it comes to bathrooms, the more the merrier.

Tip: Add the Cost to Your Wedding Budget

The cost of U.S. weddings in 2018 averaged $44,000. With so much to account for, don’t forget to factor the price of bathroom rentals into your budget. If you’re waiting to get an accurate headcount for your wedding before renting a porta-potty, make sure you have a budget set aside for the rental. 

Working with a reputable portable bathroom company will ensure you get the most bang for your buck. They can get you an accurate quote so you can keep track of your bathroom budget.

The Best Luxury Porta-Potties

Don’t tie the knot without making sure everything is in order for your big day. If you’re looking for a dependable company that can hook you up with portable bathrooms for your wedding, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to learn more about our luxury porta-potties for weddings.