Bathrooms are so commonplace that you may slip your mind while planning your event. But you’ll have lots of angry guests if you don’t have a restroom for them to use. They’ll be even angrier if you have undesirable restrooms. You shouldn’t limit where you can hold events to places that have onsite restrooms. You can hold parties, festivals, and weddings outside with a portable bathroom rental.

The question then becomes what kind of bathroom rental is best for your event. Here’s what you should know about renting a porta potty versus a luxury restroom trailer.

Porta Potty

Most people are familiar with portable toilets. You’ll see them at many outdoor events, from music festivals to county fairs. These units are designed for quick access to a bathroom with nothing more than the basics.

Portable toilets have a toilet, urinal, and hand sanitizer pump. Some upgraded units may have a shelf, coat hook, and mirror. Others may have a miniature sink and a toilet that flushes.

You may want to rent a porta potty for large, public events like sports games where quick convenience is key to servicing huge crowds.

Luxury Restroom Trailer

Think of a luxury restroom trailer as a porta-potty with a major upgrade. These restrooms are more spacious and have facilities that resemble your home bathroom with recessed lighting, large mirrors, countertops, and cabinetry.

Some luxury restroom trailers might have upgrades like running water for sinks and showers. Restroom trailers can have different layout configurations like multiple stalls with doors to the outside to create a private restroom space.

All of these amenities make luxury restroom trailers a great option for events like weddings and family reunions.

So, Which Should You Rent?

Between porta-potties and luxury restroom trailers, which one should you choose? The answer to that comes down to three main factors: budget, event needs, and aesthetics.

The budget can often be a deciding factor when faced with a choice. The most basic restroom trailers will be more expensive than the most upgraded porta potty. That’s to be expected with features like lights and running water.

The next consideration should be your event needs. Are you servicing a large public crowd or hosting a few close friends and family? The number of restrooms you need can also affect the choice you make.

Lastly, the aesthetics of your event may also matter. Porta potties are usually good for festivals and sporting events. But if you have a VIP section, you may want to consider an aesthetic upgrade to a portable toilet trailer.

Your Guide To a Portable Bathroom Rental

From food to music to dancing, you’ve chosen all the details to entertain your guests. But there’s one detail you might have overlooked: bathrooms.

If you’re planning an event outside, you should consider a portable bathroom rental. You don’t need to have a nearby structure to provide restrooms, giving you the freedom to plan the event of your dreams exactly where you want.

FusionSite has a friendly team that wants to provide you with the perfect bathrooms for your event. Contact our experts to receive a quote for your restroom trailer or porta potty rental.