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Clarksville Porta Potty Rental Service

We help you find the best sanitation solutions wherever and whenever you may need them.

Your Reliable Sanitation Partner in Clarksville

Whether you are organizing a festival, need a setup for a temporary construction site, or anything else – the team at Fusion Site can help. Sanitation needs vary depending on the project or event but we can help you accommodate all your needs accurately with clean and easy-to-schedule sanitation solutions so you can focus on all the other things. We know Clarksville well so we can give you tailor-made solutions best suited for the area and the type of crowd.

Top-Rated Clarksville Porta Potty Rental Service

Construction Sites

Our inventory includes traditional portable toilets that come standard with dome lights and grated floors as well as hanging units and roll-away elevator units for high-rise construction. We also provide holding tanks and service for commercial trailers.

  • Standard Toilets: Regularly maintained and durable single toilets ideal for a commercial build site, housing development, public works project, or a remodel job
  • Hanging Units: These hanging porta potty units are great for multi-story construction projects so workers don’t have to climb down all the way to use the restroom
  • Roll-Away: These roll away units move easily with you so it’s great for projects where workers shift between areas
  • Holding Tank: If you want a smooth running worksite without interruptions, these durably constructed holding tanks are built for a site where they need to be moved often
  • Portable Sinks: These sinks have a hands-free foot pump, soap, and paper towels and work to keep the site clean and are perfect for sites where the water isn’t hooked up yet
  • Handi Stands: Now up to four people can sanitize their hands simultaneously to service a team quickly without the waste of paper towels – quick and convenient!


If you have a rough idea of the number of people attending your event in Clarksville, we can help you figure out the number of porta potty rentals you’ll need. We also recommend strategic locations at the venue where you can place additional port potties to make the most of the space.

  • Special Events Unit: These units are suited to fit all sorts of event bathroom needs and come with mirrors, convenient shelving, coat hooks, baby changing tables, and more.
  • Handicap Unit: These units are completely wheelchair accessible and come with grip bars, low positioning, and plenty of space to easily maneuver the wheelchair within it.
  • Handi Stands: We place these conveniently across the festival grounds so people can simultaneously sanitize their hands without the need for water and a sink.

Luxury Trailers

We offer more than just porta potty rentals in Clarksville. We can provide a luxury restroom trailer for your next special event, festival, or production. Our restroom trailers come equipped with all the comforts of home including climate controls, lighting, laminate flooring, mirrors, sinks, and more.

  • Film and TV Productions: We set up comfortable facilities for crews and talent on location. Our restroom trailers keep everyone on site happy with all the comforts of home.
  • Festivals: Restroom trailers are perfect for VIP areas at any concert or festival. Artists and attendees will forget they are outdoors due to the climate-controlled and comfortable facilities.
  • Special Events: We specialize in events of all sizes and we partner with tent companies to ensure a seamless transition from the interior of the tent into the restrooms, providing a truly upscale experience.

Special Events

No special event is too big or too small for us. Whether you’re hosting an intimate wedding, family reunion, or even one of Clarksville’s biggest events, we have you covered. We are the largest provider of porta potty rentals in Clarksville.

  • Luxury Portable Toilets: These restrooms are comparable to those in a nice hotel room with many added features over a standard porta potty including a spacious interior, mirrors, an electrical outlet, hot and cold water sinks, soap dispensers, flush toilets, and more.

Why Choose FusionSite For Your Next Clarksville Porta Potty Rental

We are more than just a bathroom rental provider. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to partner with other great companies in Clarksville and provide them with the support they need. We emphasize training and growing the talents of our own people to set them up for success and we take pride in the fact that the service we offer enables our community and city to grow and thrive.

High Inventory Levels

We are proud to offer the best portable toilet solutions. We take pride in how we care for our units and how they are delivered to your site. Our units are regularly inspected and maintained and if they don’t meet the requirements stated by our 10-point quality inspection, we will replace them with a new unit at no additional charge.

Reliable Service

Delivering a quality portable toilet to your site is just the beginning. Our service is what truly sets us apart. For larger events, we are continuously monitoring and servicing our units to make sure everything is running smoothly. We are always there to make sure the job is done right every time.

Quick Process

After you get in touch with us, one of our team members will quickly provide a comprehensive quote without any hidden fees. Delivery and service are always included in the price. Once you decide to move forward with us, we can get a unit to you within 24 hours or less.

Stellar Cleanliness

We guarantee delivery of a clean unit and excellent service after delivery. We clean every unit according to a comprehensive checklist so if anyone has a complaint regarding the cleanliness of the unit, we promise to resolve the issue to your satisfaction within 24 hours, or the rental is free.

We Can Help With Your Next Clarksville Porta Potty Rental Service

High-quality, fast, and friendly bathroom rental solutions. Contact us today for all your Clarksville porta potty rental service needs.