Apparently, cell phones carry more than 10 times the bacteria than a toilet. In one scary case, a woman drank a glass of toilet water to show how clean it was (don’t try this at home!).

But what about those terrifying porta john rentals? The ones that strike festival-goers with dread, where even the thought of touching the door handle causes one to shudder in fear.

Well, the good news is, modern porta potty rental offers a completely new experience when it comes to hygiene. Don’t believe it? Then read on to find out about the latest porta potties that are sure to have users lining up with delight.

How Are Porta Johns Kept Clean?

Unlike traditional bathrooms, the portable toilet does not have a sewage system but uses a storage tank instead. Naturally, this creates a challenge when it comes to keeping the environment fresh.

To combat this, a chemical solution and water are kept inside the storage tank with the waste. This helps to block those funky smells from wafting into the cubicle.

The amount of waste that each tank can hold can range anywhere between 5 to 300 gallons, which is a lot. But this doesn’t stop them from overflowing. So how do you avoid this? Generally, a good portable toilet supplier will make recommendations according to the size of your event and the duration.

Some companies will also have regular inspections and maintenance schedules to keep the porta-potties clean.

Now for the dirty part. To empty the waste tanks, workers use a hose to suction out the waste into a larger tank on a truck.

This tank is then taken away to a plant for processing. Sanitization staff then scrub down all surfaces inside the cubicle like the doors and walls – not just the potty.

Modern Porta John Rentals

In the past, porta johns were very basic and made from fiberglass. The one-piece design meant that they were easy to clean, but had the disadvantage of blocking out natural light. As we all know, all kinds of mishaps can happen in a dark toilet.

Today a portable toilet rental is made of plastic with a translucent roof design that allows light in and extra ventilation.

Luxury restroom trailers are on the higher-end of porta-potty rentals. These are state-of-the-art portable bathrooms that come with features like air-conditioning, lighting, sinks, and mirrors. They are the ideal solution for special events like outdoor weddings and galas.

Need a Porta Potty?

There’s nothing worse than a lack of restrooms. People get angry and places get messy. This is why porta john rentals are a priority when it comes to organizing large events or arranging amenities for a construction site.

Where will you place the bathrooms and how many will you need? How long is your event? These are some of the questions to think about before making a booking.

Not sure where to start? Then contact us today for a quote – our friendly team is always on hand to help take the strain out of porta john planning.