In 2022, the U.S. is projected to see 2.1 billion dollars change hands in the portable toilet industry. That’s “billion” with a “B.” In a post-pandemic (or maybe endemic?) world where folks are now able to get out and enjoy festivals, fairs, and other large events, they’re sure to jump at the chance to get out again after being cooped up for the better part of two years. From an outside perspective, John Q. Public wouldn’t think that maintaining a reputation of cleanliness would be a huge priority for a porta john rental company – it’s naturally a stinky business.

On the contrary, having an exceptionally clean and tidy portable bathroom rental can really push an event or job site to the next level. Take a look at these tips on how to keep your porta john clean and fresh.

3 Tips to Keeping a Clean Porta John Rental

There are a lot of “little things” that can be done behind the scenes to make your guests’ time a bit more enjoyable. Here are the Top 5.

1. Stay Away From Air Freshener

Y’know the quickest way to make a porta potty rental smell worse? Hit it with some air freshener.

This method will make the porta john rental smell less like a porta john rental, sure. It’ll make it smell like a porta john rental full of lavender and dryer sheets. That might sound better – it’s not.

An experienced company will know the correct kinds of cleaning tablets to use in the tank itself as well as an understanding that ventilation is key critical to reducing obnoxious smells.

2. Keep It Well Stocked

A step that should be elementary is one that is too often overlooked. Just keep toilet paper and soap or hand sanitizer in the unit! The only thing worse than using a dirty porta potty rental is finishing your business only to find that you can’t clean up after yourself. 

You can also consider these tablets from Green Gobbler that are used in RV wastewater tanks. They not only keep the stench to a minimum, they have active bacteria that help break down the waste – much like the products you would use in your home septic tank.

3. Bigger Is Definitely Better

Consider renting a luxury restroom trailer instead of the usual clean porta john. The folks at FusionSite can hook you up with a temporary facility that is climate controlled, ventilated, and comes with toiletries and all the amenities of home. You also won’t have to worry about some crazy person trying to tip over your whole trailer.

Keep it Classy – Call FusionSite

In the end, talking porta john rental is maybe a little…unique, but remember that it’s a $2.1 billion industry! The good people at FusionSite will walk you through exactly what you’ll need for your upcoming event, job site, or any other reason to rent a porta potty.