Are you getting ready for an event or activity that has a portable bathroom rental instead of a typical restroom? While this is no big deal for you, portable restrooms are brand new to your child. It’s important that you get them ready for the porta potty, especially if they’re young.

We’re here to talk about a few ways to familiarize your child with a portable restroom. Read on to learn more.

Talk About It First

Most children will understand the concept of a porta potty rental as long as you explain it well. If you know that you’re going to an event, playground, or another activity area that will include a portable toilet rental, talk to your child about it before you even get there. 

Explain that the bathroom doesn’t have traditional plumbing and that they don’t need to flush anything. Make sure that they understand how to stay sanitary in the bathroom. Most standard portable restrooms don’t have sinks, so there may be a sink outside or a hand sanitizer pump. 

Let them know that the space is going to be small and that, even if it’s clean, it might smell different from a normal bathroom.

Also, teach them proper etiquette. You don’t want them barging in on anyone or trying to knock the bathroom down “for fun” because they don’t know better.

Show Them the Bathroom Before They Need It

When you arrive at the venue that has a restroom trailer rental or portable toilet, try to find a time when there’s no line and bring the child to the restroom. People will understand, so don’t worry about being in the way as long as you keep it brief. 

Show your child where everything is and explain it to them in person. Make sure to ask if they have any questions before you go back to the event. 

Also, if there’s an event map, make sure that you circle where the toilets are, especially if your child is going to go off with friends without you.

Stay Nearby (or Go With Them)

It’s always helpful to stay close for your child’s first time in a porta john rental. Even though it might seem simple to you, the child might feel anxious. If they’re new to using the restroom on their own in general, they may resist using the portable bathroom at all.

Stay right outside or, if the child is young, go into the restroom with them to help out. 

Help Your Child Understand a Portable Bathroom Rental

If you have an upcoming event or activity with a portable bathroom rental, make sure that your child is ready for the experience. It’s different enough from a “standard” bathroom that they may feel nervous or confused, and that’s okay!

Explain the situation, give them a “tour” of the restroom, and make sure that you stay nearby. They’ll be fine!

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