Imagine this; it’s the day of your event, and everything, so far, has gone off without a hitch. But, after an hour in, a line starts to grow at the restroom. The next time you look, you notice the line has grown exponentially as it snakes around the corner. Everyone is unhappily doing the wee dance, no one is enjoying the event, and they blame you.

This type of nightmare situation happens when you forget to consider bathrooms in your planning. If you’re about to host an event, this article is for you. Keep reading to learn more about how you can tell if your event needs portable restrooms.

Do a Headcount 

Your first step in determining whether you need portable bathrooms is calculating how many people you expect to attend your event. The standard used to estimate porta potty need is based on OSHA’s job site requirements of about four restrooms per 200 employees. They created this standard for employee protection, but a side effect is that it keeps the work moving.

For events, these reasons also hold true. Having an appropriate amount of restrooms available ensures guest comfort and safety and that your guests avoid long bathroom lines, allowing your event to run smoothly. 

A good rule of thumb to follow is one porta potty per 75 guests, with more restrooms available when considering other factors, like alcohol service or total event size. Large events, such as those with guestlists in the hundreds, should plan for additional bathrooms, even if some are already available.

Is There Food and Beverage Service?

When you add beverages, or alcohol, to the mix, bathroom usage has a sharp incline. A study conducted on men drinking whiskey found that within the first two hours of alcohol consumption, the participants produced up to 10 times their average urine output (depending on weight and amount consumed.)

So, if you plan to serve drinks or feed people, then you can predict that they’ll need a place to go to the bathroom. However, keep in mind that even if your venue has restrooms available, they may not have enough to meet post-cocktail demand. 

Use Event Details as Guidance

No two events are alike, so be sure to consult the finer details of your planning to figure out if you need portable bathrooms.

For example, if you’re hosting an event with seated audience members, you can expect the most significant restroom surges before and after the show and around intermission. In this case, if you want to keep your guests off bathroom lines and on concession lines instead, you should consider increasing the number of facilities available with portable restrooms.

Also, most events will need a certain amount of ADA-compliant facilities, so be sure to check local requirements. 

Portable Restrooms Are an Event Necessity

The bottom line is that if you are planning an event for humans, you will inevitably need to provide them with a place to do their business. If your, or your client’s, dream venue doesn’t have enough restrooms, you all but ensure a lousy time for the guests. Luckily, with portable restrooms, the constrictions of a space no longer mean a venue change. 

Don’t worry if you’re hosting an upscale event. For these occasions, luxury restroom trailers can meet your guests’ needs.

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