Did you know that the industry of porta john rental is worth an incredible $2 billion? Doing one’s business is big business! And as we all return to a world of big, in-person events, it’s more important than ever that your guests are provided for.

But as crucial as porta potty rental is, it can sometimes be pretty confusing. What does porta john rental cost? What are the unique challenges of portable toilet rental? And how many do you need, anyway?

Well, worry no longer, we’re here to clear up all the questions you have about porta john rental. Let’s get to it!

What Does Porta John Rental Cost?

The true cost of porta potty rental depends on the scale of your event. If you only need to provide for a few people (for example, on a construction site or similar), that’s naturally going to be less costly than providing for tens of thousands at a festival.

There are other factors, too. For example, if you have special accessibility requirements, your porta johns might run you bit a more than usual. There are also things like maintenance to keep in mind. All these little bits and pieces add up to a final bill, so if you can cut back on the duration of your event or the amount of maintenance your porta potties will need, you can save money.

What does that equal out to? Well, in general, the average weekly cost of a standard porta potty rental is about $150. If you have specialized accessibility requirements, then it can be as much as $245 a week. Multiply that by the number of porta potties you need to figure out your total cost.

When it comes down to it, a porta john rental cost is determined by your own particular needs.

What About Deluxe Options?

If your portable toilet rental requirements go beyond the standard, then things can get a bit pricier. “VIP” porta potties can be quite a bit more expensive than their standard alternatives. Of course, that price bump might well be worth it if you’re looking for the lap of luxury.

Porta johns that come with full hand sanitizing stations and flushing facilities can really be worth it. They can be super handy when used in places long-term. Hygiene, after all, becomes more and more pressing when you’re staying somewhere for weeks rather than days.

So, if you’re looking for deluxe porta john options, you can expect to pay around $390 a month.

A Porta John for Every Occasion

So there you have it, a quick but handy guide to porta john rental cost no matter what option you’re going with. Forewarned is forearmed, and now that you know exactly how much you might need to pay, you can be certain you’ll make a decision that’s good for you.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and rent the porta john of your dreams!

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