What are the first two words that come to mind when you hear the word porta-potty? Something like stinky and dirty?

Porta-potties have long had a bad reputation, but they are necessary for many different situations, especially construction sites.

Without porta-potties, construction workers would have to find a public toilet or local convenience store to use near the site. Unfortunately, more often than not, this is not a viable option. 

On top of all the responsibilities, construction workers have, finding a place to go the bathroom shouldn’t be one of them.

Keep reading this article to find out economical solutions for having porta-potties at your construction site.

The Costs of Porta-Potties

Porta-potty rentals are not as expensive as you may think. But there are a lot of factors that go into pricing. 

First, prices depend on how long you will keep the unit and how often you need to have it serviced (cleaned). 

A single-day portable toilet rental will cost anywhere from $60-$250. Of course, a luxury portable bathroom rental will cost significantly more. However, these models are marketed for parties, weddings, and other outdoor events.

On the other hand, a monthly porta-potty rental can be as low as $100-$500. 

Porta-Potty Models

There are several different types of porta-potties. The model you choose will change the rental costs too. Some models include standard, standard with sink, flushable, high-rise, ADA, solar, and deluxe. 

For a construction site, you should consider the standard, standard with a sink or high-rise. The standard ratio is 1:10—one porta-potty for every 10 workers. OSHA details further guidelines to follow.


The most common porta-john rental is the standard model. Each model has a light, grated floor, and an “In-Use” locking system.

These do not flush or offer extra features. If you choose the standard model, you want to rent portable sinks too for easy hand-washing. Portable sinks come with hand-free foot pumps, soap, and paper towels.

Handi standards are also available when you rent a porta-potty.

Standard with a Sink

The standard with a sink is exactly what it says it is. The basics of the standard model with an added sink. This model allows you to forgo the portable sinks or handi stands you need with the standard model.

High-Rise (Hanging Unit)

Using the bathroom on a construction site can mean traveling many floors. With reinforced steel cabling, the hanging unit is perfect for multi-story projects. 

Using the bathroom is convenient and saves your workers time with this high-rise elevator toilet.

Purchasing a Porta-Potty

For construction business owners, you may also consider buying your own porta-potties. A standard portable toilet starts at around $700. Deluxe models can cost several thousand dollars. 

If you use porta-potties often, buying versus renting is an option. However, you would be responsible for the cleaning and maintenance that is included in the rental cost.

When you rent porta-potties long-term, the agreement includes these fees based on a discussed schedule. 

Get Your Porta-Potties Today

Now you know renting porta-potties doesn’t have to break the bank. They are rather affordable. More importantly, they are necessary to have for on construction sites for workers.

If you’re looking to outfit your construction project with clean and regularly maintained porta-potties, contact us now