Are you thinking about using a porta potty rental for an upcoming event or for your building site?

If you are considering using a rental porta potty, you may be wondering how a portable toilet rental works. While you may understand how a conventional toilet works, there’s a lot of confusion about how a porta john rental works.

We’re here to break down the common confusions around porta potty rentals. Keep reading to learn more!

How Do Porta Potty Rentals Work?

For you to understand how a porta potty rental works, it’s important for you to understand how portable toilets work. They operate similarly to conventional toilets, as they flush away any waste left in the bowl of the toilet. Yet, the waste won’t be flushed away to a sewage line that’s underneath the ground.

Instead, porta potty rentals have the waste moved into a holding tank that’s located underneath the seat of the toilet. There are four main parts that are responsible for making porta potties work. These parts are the holding tank, the toilet seat, the pressure system, and the flushing mechanism. 

Companies that offer porta potty rentals hand scrub the inside of each unit to ensure it’s completely clean before a new customer uses it. They’ll scrub the walls, floors, and seats to completely disinfect the entire potty.

Also, they’ll fill each potty with a deodorizing product to ensure that the potties don’t stink. That’s what the infamous blue liquid is inside of each toilet. 

Why Should You Use Portable Toilet Rentals?

There are a lot of advantages to using porta potty rentals. The list of specific benefits you can expect to see will depend on the type of event you’re renting the toilets for. However, the biggest advantage to using portable toilet rentals is how easy they are to transport. 

You can place a portable toilet anywhere that has enough space for the unit. This makes them a great option to provide bathrooms to large crowds, without having to worry about providing people with access to a building. 

Plus, you won’t have to worry about a portable toilet clogging. The only thing you’ll really have to worry about with a porta potty is it overflowing. But, that’s why you can rent more than one portable toilet to ensure you have enough bathroom access for all of the people attending your event. 

Should Classy Events Avoid Portable Toilets?

No, high-end and classy events shouldn’t avoid using rental porta potties. There are porta potties that are luxurious compared to the more common models. These types of models come with air conditioning, running water, and even mirrors on the inside.

These higher-end portable toilets are nicer than what you would find in a park, but they fulfill the need for restroom services for a luxury crowd.

Understanding How Your Event Can Benefit From a Porta Potty Rental

Have you been holding back from using a porta potty rental for an event, because you aren’t sure how they work? Now, you have a better idea of how they work and how you can benefit from using one!

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