As you get ready for summer 2021 and begin re-planning all the events that were halted due to Covid-19, you might want to consider a porta john rental for your next business event. 

While the vaccine is beginning to make its rounds, socializing outdoors will still be encouraged for summer gatherings. Renting a porta john will help eliminate stress and reduce germs, with the bonus of helping the environment!

Construction sites, weddings, festivals, parties, golf courses, fairs, and more are all avid users of portable toilet rental, and we’re going to share with you just why that is. 

Porta John Rental 

Depending on what the occasion is, a porta potty rental might be exactly what you need. While keeping most of the upcoming events outside, your guests will always need a place to use the restroom. 

Rentals help prevent the chaos of directing people to another location to find a bathroom. Using a porta john allows for an onsite location to use the bathroom, rather than trekking to an indoor facility that probably isn’t too close to the event. 

Construction Sites

Onsite porta johns are nearly essential to construction working zones. Having a restroom on location allows for increased productivity and safety. Workers don’t need to spend their time scouting out a bathroom, providing a portable bathroom rental allows them to efficiently use the restroom without taking extended time out of their workday. 

It is also courteous to have an onsite restroom for comfort and professional reasons. The United States Department of Labor states that restrooms have to be provided in places of employment. You want to be respectful and law-abiding when it comes to the workplace. 


The idea of returning to festivals is exciting. When there are crowds, there are restrooms needed. Festivals are almost impossible without portable toilet rentals.

In a confined space that typically requires admission for entrance, you want to be able to keep your crowd in the same space that they paid to enter. 

Not only are porta johns handy for festival attendees, but for performers or artists as well. There are options for upgrading from a regular porta john to more luxurious options for festival talent. 

Special Events 

Whether you’re helping clients plan their wedding, a birthday, anniversary, or any special event, porta john rentals can help elevate that event to the next level. You want to be accommodating to guests, and a portable bathroom rental is just that — accommodating.

You might be thinking that rental porta johns are a bit of an eyesore that you don’t want at your special event. This is totally understandable, however, this doesn’t have to be an issue with the luxury porta john rentals! Partnering with tent companies helps maintain a classy look and feel to maintain the status of your event. 

Rent Today 

Regardless of what your next business event plan is, someone will always need to use the restroom, and porta john rental is the way to go. They’re efficient, reduce germs, and have a positive contribution to the environment. 

Take time to calculate the size of your event or site and estimate how many people will be attending. This will help when requesting a quote to see how many porta john rentals you will need, and give you an accurate price point.