There are a lot of advantages to holding festivals, fairs and other big gatherings in the great outdoors. The main one is that it saves money over renting a stadium or some other large facility to accommodate hundreds or even thousands of visitors. One thing that’s certain is that you don’t want your attendees to have a bad experience because there weren’t enough restrooms at your festival. Here are some questions to help you determine whether your festival needs portable restrooms for rental.

How Many Attendees Are You Expecting?

If your festival is an annual event and you’ve kept attendance estimates, you can probably tell right away whether you will need to rely on port a potty rentals. If it’s a small event that already has some public restrooms available, you probably won’t need any extra bathrooms. But if you’re expecting hundreds or even thousands of visitors, rental porta potties are a must.

If the festival is a catered event or has food vendors, you will likely need plenty of restrooms as well. If you want your portable potty rentals to remain clean, accessible and comfortable for a large number of guests, you should plan on an adequate number based on your projected crowd size. FusionSite can help you to estimate the number of rental porta potties required for your festival, as long as you know how many attendees you are expecting.

What’s the Age Range of Attendees?

Children and elderly festival attendees will need to use the restroom more frequently than teens and adults, in most cases. If your festival is an all-ages event, where you’re expecting these age groups, you might want to plan for some additional portable potty rentals. If the festival is open to the general public, you will also want to consider the need for porta potties with handrails that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. FusionSoft can provide your venue with ADA compliant porta potties, so guests with disabilities can have access to a larger, easier to use porta potty.

Does the Venue Already Have Toilets?

Some outdoor festival venues, such as parks, may already come with built-in public restroom facilities. However, that doesn’t remove the possible need to rent a port a potty. If the public restrooms require a bit of a hike to reach them, it can be incredibly convenient for festival guests if porta potties are available closer to the event. Also keep in mind that just because a venue has restrooms available does not mean that you have enough toilets. One of the top complaints that people have about festivals is that there were long lines for the restrooms. If you plan to have a lot of attendees, extra portable potty rentals are always a really good idea.

Here’s another great idea: Scout out the venue site well in advance of your planned festival. Once you have an idea of where the on-site restrooms are in relation to the festival’s activities, you can plan the best locations to place more porta potties for the convenience of your guests.

FusionSite Port o Potty Rental Near Me

Contact FusionSite today if you are planning a festival in the near future, or a year in advance! We can even help you estimate the number of porta potty rentals you will need for your festival.