What do music festivals, construction sites, and other outdoor events all have in common? Porta potties. Portable bathrooms are an industry that’s worth two billion dollars. Yes, you read that correctly, two billion. With people starting to hold events again and construction sites ramping up, the demand for portable toilets is on the rise. Not only are people in need of porta potties, but they want porta potties that prioritize cleanliness and safety. Perhaps you’re one of those people! But you’re thinking, “All of that sounds great, but do I need a permit to rent a porta potty?” Keep reading to find the answer.

Portable Toilets on Private Property

Whether you need a permit to rent a porta potty depends on where you plan to put it.

Let’s say you’re hoping to supply porta johns for a private event or need to rent them for construction workers while they’re working on a project. Do you need a permit?

If you’re using portable toilets on private property or a construction site, the answer is no, you don’t need a permit. This includes property that you own yourself. 

If you are planning on using porta potties on someone else’s private property, make sure you have their approval first. 

Rent a Porta Potty for Public Property

If you’re hoping to use portable bathrooms on a public site, you may need a permit to do so. For example, maybe you want to place a porta potty on a sidewalk or rent luxury restroom trailers for a county-owned park. Since the sidewalk and park are both considered public, you might need a permit.

Luckily, if you do need a permit to rent a porta potty, it’s usually the responsibility of the rental company to take care of it. 

Ask the rental company if they have the correct permits if you’re unsure. It’s a good idea for you to have a copy of the permit just in case anyone asks you for it. 

Know Your Local Rules and Regulations

The rules in Tennessee about permits and portable bathrooms may be different from the rules in other states or counties. 

Check with your local city or county government and health department to find out the regulations. It’s always best to do a couple minutes of research before assuming you won’t need a permit.

If you don’t need a permit, hooray! How easy was that? 

For a safe and smooth rental experience, keep in mind other rules when it comes to porta potties, such as making sure they don’t block fire hydrants when you’re setting them up. 

Choose the Best Portable Toilets

Having clean and well-maintained portable bathrooms is a must for any successful rental.

FusionSite will help you through the whole renting process, from figuring out how many porta johns your event or site requires to deciding which porta potty rental is best for your needs. 

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