Parenting comes with plenty of challenges. But finding a place for a diaper change shouldn’t be one of them.

Have you ever found yourself at an outdoor event or a crowded park without any bathroom options except a porta john? Well, your world is about to change.

Keep reading for alternatives to using a porta john rental for diaper changing.

1. Portable Changing Pad

As you’re leaving for a nice day out with your baby, double check your bag for a portable changing pad. These are an essential item if you’re unsure about the bathroom changing table situation at your destination. 

Because unless you are expecting a luxury restroom trailer, you should prepare for a baby diaper change on-the-go. Make sure you pack wipes, extra diapers, hand sanitizer, a change of clothes, and don’t forget the changing pad!

2. Your Car is Always an Option

When it comes to diaper changing procedures, remember that changing a baby or toddler in the car is always an option. So the next time you look around and the only bathrooms are porta johns, consider walking to the car instead. Sure, it’s not always convenient, but at least you know it’s safe and clean. 

3. Use Your Lap

With babies and small toddlers, changing a diaper on your lap is a viable option. It offers a clean surface so that you can quickly and efficiently get rid of the soiled diaper and move on with your day.

You can use a blanket, towel, or other cloth on top of your lap to avoid more mess. 

4. Locate a Bench

Have you ever wondered how to change a poopy diaper when you’re at a park surrounded by only porta johns? Find a bench! A park bench is a suitable place to change a baby as long as you have a clean towel, blanket, or changing pad to lay down first.

The even, flat surface resembles a changing table which should make it nice and easy to change the baby.

You may also be able to find a bench in a dressing room at a store or mall if you’re shopping and trying to find a place to change a baby or toddler.

5. Last Resort – The Floor

Depending on the setting, the floor could be an option for changing a diaper. Even if the floor or ground seems dirty, you can use a burping cloth or some other barrier to avoid dirt or germs.

Obviously, the floor isn’t the best option as a changing table, but as a parent, sometimes you just gotta do it.

Only Porta John Rentals? No Problem

Now you have 5 alternatives to using a porta john rental as a baby changing station. As long as you’ve packed your other diaper changing essentials you can make the switch from a dirty diaper to a clean one in just a few minutes.

So go out and enjoy the park, or a music festival, or any other special occasion without worrying about where to change your baby or toddler.

And if you’re looking to rent a porta john or restroom trailer, contact us today for a free quote.