The United States’ portable toilet rental industry was worth $2.1 billion in 2019. If you are planning a construction project or event, you’ll need portable bathrooms. But what about having a handicap-accessible porta potty?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has handicap-accessible restrooms regulations. Stay in compliance with our handicap-accessible porta potty guide below.

Handicap-Accessible Porta Potty Regulations

The ADA requires 5% of temporary restrooms to be handicap-accessible. This includes temporary events. Additionally, all handicap-accessible porta potties must also meet standard accessibility building requirements. These include adequate door clearance, turning space, and even fixture clearances.

The ADA Standards for Accessible Design also demand adequate “knee and toe” clearance. It can be hard to picture what knee and toe clearance entails. According to Section 306, clearance is horizontal space for those using wheelchairs. This space has to be large enough to turn within. Space under a sink or other fixture can also count as knee and toe space.

Ramps are also required for handicap-accessible porta potties. Entrance landings are also built alongside the ramps. The entrance landings must offer enough room for mobility and restroom entry. Mechanical lifts are also used in some buildings. Ramps are preferred as they are cost-efficient and easier to operate.

Portable Restrooms for Construction Projects

ADA requirements for porta potties are extensive but essential. However, requirements also vary if you are planning a construction project. What if your portable restrooms are for construction personnel only? In this case, you are exempt from needing handicap-accessible porta potties.

This stands in contrast with permanent bathrooms in other working industries. Are your bathrooms only for permanent employees outside of construction industries? You must still provide handicap-accessible stalls.

Keeping Porta Potties Clean

Now you know the ADA handicap-accessible porta potty regulations. But now, your event planning seems harder than ever. This doesn’t have to be the case. Renting porta potties from providers can become an easy task. 

Did you know that portable restroom providers can also offer upkeep services? At FusionSite, we provide units that are clean from day one. Then, we service and clean them on your schedule. If any problem with a porta potty unit occurs, we replace it. When it comes to needing a place for your guests to go, it can be as easy as booking a trusted partner like us.

Portable Restrooms for Upscale Events

Portable restrooms don’t have to be a simple blue box stall design.

For fancier or longer-term events, luxury restroom trailers are an option. These trailers come with climate controls and laminate flooring. They can also have other features unavailable in standard porta potty boxes.

Pair these luxury restroom trailers with ADA-compliant handicap-accessible restrooms. This will ensure you have all the restrooms you need for your event.

Renting Portable Toilets

Planning an event and need portable restrooms? Ready for handicap-accessible porta potty solutions? Our portable toilet services come with a complaint-free guarantee. Get a free quote today.