Planning a music festival requires a lot of forethought and preparation. You need to think about how many guests you’re going to have, what bands you want to play at the festival, and tons of other logistics. 

If you want your event to be the best music festival of your time, you need to take the planning seriously. Not sure where to begin? 

No worries, that’s what we’re here for. Keep reading for six effective festival planning tips. 

1. Figure Out Your Budget

First, orchestrating the best music festival won’t be free. You need to work with your partners to determine how much money you have for the event. Your event budget will go into things like renting the venue, renting portable bathrooms, paying the musicians (if they’re not performing for free), etc.

2. Lock Down the Venue and Services

Based on your established budget, you can find the best venue for your music festival. This could be indoor or outdoor, though most music festivals take place outside. 

Then, you need to lock down food trucks and other services you might need. The services you hire will largely depend on how long the music festival is and where it’s located. 

3. Confirm the Availability of the Musicians

Of course, a major component of the best music festival planning is hiring the right bands. This event could provide local bands a chance to play in front of a large audience to market their music to the public. In this case, you might be able to get the bands to play for free. 

Otherwise, you’ll need to look at your festival planning budget to determine which musical guests you can afford to hire. In many cases, the bands take a cut of the profits generated from ticket sales. 

4. Determine How Many Guests You Want

It’s important to know how many people will be attending these types of festivals. If you have limited room based on your budget or venue, you might need to limit the number of ticket sales. 

The number of guests you have will determine things like seating, food trucks, porta-potties, etc. 

5. Schedule Ahead to Rent Porta Potties

Speaking of renting a festival porta potty, do you know how many you need or where to get them from. We can help you plan for your bathroom needs. 

Make sure you have an adequate number of bathrooms based on the number of people who will be attending and how long your event will be. If you want your event to be the best music festival in years, you can’t have people waiting in line for hours on end to use the bathroom. 

6. Plan for Setup and Cleanup

Finally, while planning a music festival, you should consider the processes of setting up and cleaning up. Depending on the size of your event, this can take hours. 

We recommend enlisting the help of volunteers. Perhaps they can be granted free access to the festival or get free vouchers for food and drinks. Just make sure they confirm that they’ll stick around at the end for festival cleanup. 

Want to Plan the Best Music Festival?

We hope our guide on how to plan the best music festival serves you well. Remember to plan this event long in advance to ensure you have plenty of time to take care of all the logistics. 

And if you’re ready to talk about your festival porta potty needs, we’re here for you. Contact us today to get a free quote and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.