Experts think the global portable toilet rental market will reach $24.70 billion by 2025. Knowing the types of festivals that need porta-potties could spare you legal trouble.

In 2019, the rentable porta-potty market had a 7.30% CAGR (compound annual growth rate). According to these numbers, the demand for porta-potties is rising. The question is, what kinds of festivals are contributing to the industry’s growth?

People will recall your festival better if you have porta-potties available. Renting porta-potties helps keep events clean, comfortable, and organized for guests. 

Here are five festival types that always need rental porta-potties.

1. Music Festivals

Music festivals are gatherings that revolve around live musical acts. Each musical performance is separate, but music festivals host many performing artists. This often lasts more than one day.

It’s the management’s duty to provide adequate porta-potties for the festival’s duration.

At festivals like Pitchfork Music Festival, Coachella, and Mountain Jam, people camp out. Renting porta-potties makes it easier for volunteers to clean up after the festival. It’ll also save you money in cleaning costs after the fact.

2. Summer Festivals

Most outdoor seasonal bathrooms need for on-site porta-potties. Summer festivals are the most popular seasonal festival. As such, they need porta-potty access even more.

Local county fairs, carnivals, and other gatherings occur during the summer. So do popular music and arts festivals like Bonnaroo and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Ice cream, beer, and carnival food are all abundant at these events.

Without porta-potties, summer events wouldn’t have the strong brand image they currently enjoy. It’s on event leaders to organize maintaining clean porta-potty rentals for the public.

Summer weather conditions worsen any damage and unpleasantness. Hours or days-long summer events always need porta-potties.

3. Food and Drink Festivals

Porta-potties are necessary for any outdoor food or drink-related festival. They’re especially necessary for food festivals that are booze-oriented.

Alcohol makes people use the bathroom more, so wine and beer tastings need porta-potties by default. 

Failing to provide adequate portable bathrooms for a food-related event could become unsanitary. Then it could pose a public health risk and liability issue.

4. Sporting Events

Unless there are bathrooms on-site, sporting events call for porta-potty rentals. Porta-potties benefit both the guests and athletes alike by giving them a convenient place to do “their business” during the game.

Plus, people often drink and eat at sporting events. All of those concessions indicate an increased need for bathrooms. Providing porta-potties solves that problem.

5. Corporate Conferences and Events

Corporate conferences with outdoor components also need porta-potties on-site to protect their brand image. Fortunately, our luxury restroom trailers offer more comfort and utilities than regular porta-potties do.

Your special guests will think more highly of your event if you have a luxury restroom trailer available. It’ll also make corporate professionals feel more comfortable.

There are Porta-Potty Options for All Types of Festivals

The average person alone urinates between 6 to 7 times daily. Thus, it’s safe to say that most types of festivals need rental porta-potties.

In fact, it’s possible for a healthy person to urinate 4 to 10 times daily. Having porta-potties available prevents accidents before they happen.

Cater to your audience—check out our services for festivals and sporting events. Your guests will appreciate it more than you know.