Did you know that 64% of people say they weigh bathroom cleanliness heavily when deciding whether to visit an establishment? This means bad past experiences, or even perceived uncleanliness, leads to fewer guests at your next event.

So if you plan to host one soon, remember that convenient access to clean and sanitary bathrooms is a must. Need some help? Then continue reading for some tips that’ll keep your portable restrooms spick and span throughout the day.

1. Meet Restroom Demand

This is the number one tip because it’s the most critical hygiene control you can put in place. Also, consider that even if you hire someone to clean them, they can’t clean an occupied space. So if there aren’t enough facilities to meet demand, there will always be a long line, and your restrooms will never have a chance to air out or be cleaned.

Having enough portable restrooms ensures that they don’t become an ungodly mess halfway through your event. 

2. Implement Odor Controls

Odor plays a massive role in your guests’ perception of cleanliness. Even a technically clean porta potty will seem filthy if it smells awful. Conversely, ones that smell fresh are perceived as cleaner

There are a couple of industry tricks that you can use to keep your portable bathroom smelling fresh. 

The first one is free: open the doors for 30 minutes to release trapped odors every couple of hours. Keep in mind that this is next to impossible to do in an impactful way if you don’t have enough restrooms.

Alternatively, many porta potty rental companies also sell air freshening strips that help combat stinkiness. 

3. Be Strategic

With large crowds and long hours, porta potty placement comes down to a science. People are only willing to walk so far for a restroom before taking matters into their own hands. So be sure to place them close, but not too close, to where all the action is. 

Then, have a few rest areas to cut down on lines and spread the usage out over more facilities. This, in turn, will help them stay pristine for longer and make them easier to clean throughout the day.

4. Set Cleaning Alarms 

Many restaurants train their staff to check bathrooms twice per hour during peak business hours, and that is a good standard to follow for any sized event. But, when you’re running an event, it’s easy for portable bathroom maintenance to slip your mind. To help you remember to keep your porta potty clean, set alarms to remind you that it’s time for a check.

5. Hire Professionals to Help Clean Throughout the Day

Remember, long event porta potty needs are very different from shorter, smaller occasions. Therefore, if you plan to hold an event over six hours or for several days, you should consider enlisting extra help to help maintain cleanliness.

Some porta potty rental providers also include maintenance, so be sure to ask!

Keep Your Guests Happy with Clean Porta Potties

One sure way to leave a bad impression with your attendees is by subjecting them to a terrible bathroom experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, keep your facilities well-stocked and cleaned throughout the day, and you can be sure that your guests will have an amazing time. 

At FusionSite, after serving the Nashville area for decades, you can rest assured that our standards for portable restroom maintenance stop at nothing short of immaculate. We think it’s so important that we include it with our rentals. Contact us today for a quote.