If you’re throwing a party, starting up a construction site, or planning some other event, you might be wondering whether you need to rent a porta potty. While some events are expected to have porta potties, like large festivals or sporting events, other times it’s not as clear when a porta john rental might be needed. To help you make sense of your own event needs, we’ve put together the top five reasons you might need to rent a porta potty

1. Your Bathroom Facilities Are in Short Supply

One of the biggest signs that you need to rent a portable toilet is that you don’t have enough bathrooms to comfortably host your guests or workers. 

It’s recommended that you have one restroom for every 50 people, and having more than one will only increase cleanliness and reduce lines. If you’re hosting an event and don’t have enough bathrooms for the number of people attending, it’s time to rent a porta potty. 

2. It’s Legally Required

If people will be spending significant amounts of time at your event or location, it’s often required by law that you provide them with a bathroom due to sanitation standards

For example, if you’re running a construction site, you need to make sure your employees have somewhere clean and safe that they can use the restroom. Renting portable toilets solves this.

3. You Want to Reduce Foot Traffic

Maybe you have bathrooms available for guests, but you’d like to contain the party outside and keep people from traipsing through your house or event space. 

By bringing in porta johns, people can comfortably use the bathroom without having to come inside. This is especially relevant in current times, with people being more aware of spreading germs and respecting people’s space.

4. You Need a Specialized Restroom 

Think about the needs of your guests or employees. Even if your event or site is small, do you have a restroom that is easily accessible to everyone who might need it? 

It’s a requirement that at least one porta potty is handicap-accessible, or 5% for larger events. Having restrooms that are accessible to all will help meet the needs of any person with a handicap or disability. 

5. You’re Prioritizing Guest Comfort

While you probably picture a traditional, small porta potty when you think of the term, there are so many other options now when it comes to portable toilets. 

If you want a restroom that looks like one you’d find at home, renting a luxury restroom trailer is the way to go. Not only do they include sinks and lighting, but they’re also air-conditioned, keeping your guests cool and happy. 

Rent a Porta Potty from the Pros

In certain situations, it can be tricky to know if it’s necessary to rent a porta potty or not. And if you do decide to go with a portable toilet rental, how do you know which type to choose?

FusionSite is here to help. Our detailed knowledge and large inventory combine together to set you up with the best porta potty rental for your exact needs. 

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