Are you hosting an outdoor event or having an ongoing construction project? Perhaps you are hosting an outdoor birthday party. Where food and drinks are available, sanitation is a key element to focus on. To make your guests comfortable and feel at home, you should rent a porta potty. Renting a porta potty is the most effective and affordable way of offering clean restrooms to your guests. In addition, portable toilets are easy to use and conserve water.

However, the company you rent your porta potties from can make all the difference. Choosing a reputable and reliable porta potty rental company can prevent your construction site or outdoor event from becoming a health hazard.

Here are five questions to ask before renting portable toilets to ensure you choose a reliable rental company only.

1. Is the Rental Company Local?

Observing proper sanitation is very important when holding an event or running a construction project. For this reason, you wouldn’t want to have your porta potty delivered rate. For a quick delivery of your rented porta potty, you can search “porta potty rentals near me” for local options.

Whether your friends referred to you or used online reviews, you must determine the porta potty company’s location before hiring them.

2. How Often Will the Portable Toilets be Cleaned?

Like any other restroom, you need to clean porta potties regularly. Otherwise, you will be risking turning your event or construction site into a health hazard. If your event is expected to last for a short period, the rental company will empty the tank for you.

However, if the event is likely to last for long, you will have to invest in cleaning materials. But before cleaning porta potties, beware some limitations might be imposed on the number of times you can clean the porta potties.

3. Where Does the Waste Go?

As a responsible citizen, environmental conservation should always be a priority. Thus, before renting a porta potty, you need to ask the contractor where they dump their waste. The best porta potty rental company, just like you should be concerned about the environment.

A porta potty company concerned with the environment is the one that disposes of its waste at a local wastewater treatment location. A company that cannot prove where their waste goes is worth keeping off.

4. How Often Can the Toilet Be Used?

Every toilet’s tank has a specified capacity. Believe me; you wouldn’t want to rent a portable toilet that won’t serve the intended purposefully. The good news is, porta potties come with tanks that are of different sizes.

Before renting the portable toilets, you need to consult on the right size you need to rent. This will depend on the number of guests you expect. Having a porta potty whose tank meets the demands of your event will save you time and eliminate embarrassment.

5. What Makes This Porta Potty Unique?

Are you planning on having a unique event? If yes, you will also need a classy porta potty that will offer the best comfort to your guests. Therefore, before renting a porta potty, you need to inquire about the special amenities that come along with the portable toilets.

Ask the Above Questions to Rent a Porta Potty

Finding a porta potty company with clients’ interests at heart might be challenging. But if you rent a porta potty from a reliable rental company, you get to save time and money.

Ask the above five questions when renting portable toilets, and choosing the best rental company will become easy-peasy.

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