The majority of event planning professionals believe that in-person events will return in the third quarter of 2021.

If you’re planning an event for that time, there are many things to consider beyond permits. One of the most important things you need to consider for outdoor events is portable toilets.

Often overlooked but incredibly important, proper facilities are the key to the success of your event. While almost any outdoor event with a sizeable crowd could use portable toilets, there are some special occasions that you can’t pull off without them. Keep reading for the 5 outdoor events that definitely require portable toilets.

1. Outdoor Weddings

If there are no permanent toilets at your outdoor wedding facility, then there’s no question you’re going to need toilets.

Make sure that you get enough toilets to comfortably accommodate your guests. Consider that the average wedding has 131 people in attendance, so 1 or 2 portable toilets isn’t going to be enough.

You’ll also need to take into consideration whether or not people will be drinking alcohol. Alcohol consumption means more frequent trips to the bathroom.

2. Sporting Events

Sports are incredibly popular in the US and they’re an integral part of American society and culture. Some of the most popular sports, including American football, baseball, golf, and soccer, are all practiced and played outside, and they can attract huge crowds of people. 

Portable toilets are absolutely necessary for sporting events that can last hours on end. Keep in mind that many fans wait until intermissions and half-times to head to the bathroom, which can cause more congestion than you calculated for.

3. Festivals

Outdoor gatherings that involve food, drink, entertainment, adults, children, and lots of time spent outside means you’re going need to need portable toilets. That means everything from music and food festivals to outdoor concerts and fairs.

Estimate the number of portable toilets according to how many tickets have sold for the event. You should also be sure to look into any local regulations or bylaws that have portable toilet requirements.

4. Corporate Events

Corporate events or conferences that are held outside require more than just portable toilets. For these types of events, where aesthetics go a long way and attendees need to look their best, you’ll need luxury restroom trailers. These have flushing toilets, sinks, counter space, mirrors, and great lighting so they look as neat as the office bathroom.

5. Outdoor Events Requiring Mobility

Many outdoor events are subject to regulations outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This Act ensures that festivals, concerts, sporting events, parades, marathons, and even political rallies are accessible for people with disabilities. 


If you’re hosting any of the above, then you need to ensure that 5% of portable toilets in each grouping are ADA compliant. That means that they have extra maneuvering space, grab bars and toiler paper dispensers within reach.

Hosting an Outdoor Event or Special Occasion?

Outdoor events like festivals, weddings, sporting events, and corporate events may have hundreds of guests over many hours. Having portable toilets, and the right portable toilet for the type of event can make or break the day.

But you don’t just need portable toilets, you need a company who can help you calculate how many you need, what type you need, and where you’re going to set them up. If you’re hosting an outdoor event, get a quote from us on your portable toilet needs.