What separates a dreaded corporate chore from a soiree that guests will actually look forward to?

That’s the question of the day.

When planning corporate events, there seems to be a million and one things to think about. If you forget one small detail, the event could be a boring, uncomfortable, or logistical nightmare.

No matter what type of event you’re planning, it’s key that you keep certain details in mind.

Read on to discover four tips for planning the event of the year!

1. Know Your Why

Every corporate event should have a goal or objective. Why is this event happening?

In other words, why should your guests care? Keep in mind, that various stakeholders may have different objectives in mind.

For example, your human resources department may want the Company Holiday Party to boost employee wellness.

Your CEO may want to use the party to announce important business updates.

Your Sales department may be hoping to use the party to impress investors and show off your company culture.

Before planning any events for businesses, keep in mind what goals this event needs to meet and tailor the event toward meeting those goals.

2. Center the Guest Experience

Without a doubt, the most important aspect of any event is the guest experience.

Did your guests have a good time?

This doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the budget or bringing in fire-dancers and live animals. Centering the guest experience simply means considering all of your guests’ needs when planning your event.

When it comes to comfort, small details can ruin the experience when missed.

When you’re planning your event’s timeline and vendors, picture yourself as a guest at this event.

Will your guests be hungry? It’s worth considering if food and refreshments need to be provided. Are there dietary restrictions worth considering?

Is there enough seating? Is there a place to use the bathroom? If planning outdoor events, there are additional considerations.

Your guests need to have their basic human needs met before they can enjoy the event.

3. Build Excitement

Planning a great event actually starts long before the day of the event. If you want your corporate event to be great, consider building anticipation and excitement.

How will your market and promote your event?

Make sure that any promotional materials are tailored toward the target audience and are cohesive with the event’s intent and theme!

4. A Post-Mortem Goes a Long Way

After business events, it’s crucial to debrief with key stakeholders on how the event went. How could it be improved next time?

This small step may seem like a chore once all of the heavy lifting is done, however, it will allow you to collect essential feedback.

Plan Ahead for Corporate Events

Corporate events can take a lot of prior thinking, but it’s worth it to ensure that your guests are comfortable.

Making sure that your guests have a place to use the bathroom is a factor that you absolutely cannot afford to neglect.

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