Did you know that the average healthy person has to visit the restroom at least 6-10 times a day? For those that have chronic illnesses or disabilities, that number may double. As a good rule of thumb, employers should always provide bathrooms for their employees, whether it be one with hot and cold water or a porta potty. 

If you’re are worried about costs, you may be wondering what good does a porta potty do for the company? That’s why we investigated all you need to know about why porta potty rental is necessary and crucial, including its legal requirements and improvements on productivity. 

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at a few reasons to rent a porta-potty:  

1. Helps Workers Improve Productivity  

Construction workers are expected to work fast and diligently. However, how can a person work fast when they need to use the bathroom? Suppose you don’t provide some restroom facilities. In that case, workers will have to look elsewhere, decreasing their productivity levels and ultimately costing you more money than renting a porta potty.  

Just add the extra expense of renting a couple of porta potties; it’s not worth the time and money it will cost you otherwise. Plus, workers will have immediate access to restrooms and, therefore, will continue working aftward. It will make having to use the bathroom fast and efficient, leaving workers to be more productive. 

2. Ensure the Sanitary of The Site 

Porta potties ensure that the site stays nice and clean. Workers can wash their hands and use the facilities without doing it on the site grounds. It improves workers’ health, is hygienic, and aids in decreasing germs and diseases. If you want your workers to be healthy and sanitary, rent a porta potty for your construction site.   

3. Ensure You’re Following the Law   

In most states, you are legally required to provide restrooms to all construction workers. If you don’t, you will be breaking the law, which can open your business up to lawsuits and potentially large fines.   

If possible, you should provide facilities with hot and cold running water. However, when that’s not possible, porta potties will suffice. Always double-check state and county laws to ensure you are providing your workers with what the law requires. 

Purchase a Porta Potty Rental Today 

Porta potties may be an extra expense you don’t want to pay, but it’s needed. Having a restroom for workers will make them not have to search for other facilities, making them more productive throughout the day. It will also increase sanitation on the site and ensure you are following state and county laws. 

To ensure your workers are safe, healthy, and happy, all construction companies need to provide workers with accessible facilities. Contact us today for more information about porta potty rental prices and porta potty types. We look forward to hearing from you!