When you think about porta-potties, generally a slew of negative misconceptions will pop into your mind. But, did you know that many common beliefs about porta-potties are often incorrect? Porta-potty rentals are great for outdoor events because they are convenient, affordable, and easily transportable. So, why are there so many myths surrounding a porta john rental?

If you’re a business looking to rent a porta potty, it’s important that you learn the truth about these urban legends.

Keep reading this article to learn the three main porta-potty myths debunked.

1. Portable Toilets are Gross

Many people think that all portable toilets are dirty and smell bad. Of course, many of us probably had an unpleasant experience in a porta-potty at some point during our lives, but this myth does not apply to every single portable bathroom rental.

Portable toilets are actually supposed to be very clean with no noticeable smell. However, the problem arises when portable toilets are not well-maintained.

To combat this issue, be sure you hire staff to sanitize and maintain your portable toilet rental. You can even purchase luxury restroom trailers which are more likely to give guests a clean and pleasant porta-potty experience.

2. You Can’t Wash/Sanitize Your Hands

Another thing that gives porta potties a bad reputation is that many people believe you cannot wash your hands. This leads people to think that porta-potties are germy and unhygienic.

However, this isn’t true in every case. Of course, old and tiny porta potties may not have enough room to provide handwashing units or hand sanitizers.

Though, many modern porta johns come with handwashing units or hand sanitizer stations. You can also opt for a larger size porta-potty and ensure that a handwashing unit or hand sanitizer is provided for the guest at your event.

3. Portable Toilets are Pricy

Finally, another common myth about portable toilets is that they are pricy. In reality, there are many good deals you can get on porta-potties and they typically aren’t too expensive.

Providing porta potties at your outdoor events will cut down on the costs of maintaining a regular standing bathroom. It will also cut down on those long lines which could draw money away from other things provided at your event.

Here at FusionSite, you can buy a porta potty rental for an affordable price as well as many other companies. Just be sure to get an estimated quote from your desired port potty rental company.

Debunking Porta John Rental Myths

So, those were three common porta john rental myths debunked. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of false stereotypes about porta potty rentals.

From the information in the guide, you should be convinced that the benefits of porta potty rentals are enough to have them at your next outdoor event.

At FusionSite, we offer different portable toilet services for your needs. Contact us today for questions or concerns.